Spring Cleaning Should Include Professional Carpet Cleaning

As the warmer weather of spring fast approaches, chances are you have your spring cleaning list ready and are setting aside some time to transform the house. Most people are focused on scrubbing the tiles, washing the windows, and then opening those windows to let some of the fresh air back inside. Perhaps the most overlooked area of the house is the carpeting, and a simple vacuuming will not get the job done this spring.

Consider these benefits to working with the professional carpet cleaning experts.

Months of Contaminants in the Carpet
As soon as fall and winter arrived, the house has been sealed up to keep the cold out. The carpeting has seen its share of debris being dragged in from foot traffic, pets, and even occasional spills. The moisture building under the carpet fibers combined with the heat inside the house is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. The local professional carpet cleaning experts have high-powered tools that will allow their all-natural cleaning compounds to get deep into the carpet and break down any mold growth. The industrial vacuum system is able to reach deep down where your vacuum cleaner cannot, effectively eliminating all that debris trapped at the bottom of the carpet.

Restoring the Original Look to Carpeting
The professional carpet cleaning team will make use of powerful scrubbing machines and steam cleaning equipment to break apart any dirt and debris trapped in the carpet and remove it easily. The system is quite efficient, using the least amount of hot water to scrub clean the carpet that is quickly removed before it has a chance to reach the padding below. Once the team have worked in one area of the carpeting, it will be virtually dry to the touch. This is a huge contrast to those steam cleaning rental machines you buy at the supermarket and soak your padding with hot water that make a bad situation worse.

Leaving Your Home Looking and Smelling Cleaner
Once the professional carpet cleaning experts have cleaned and dried the areas they have worked, they can put down an organic carpet treatment that will shield the fibers from future spills. If any liquids were to wind up on the carpet, now you can easily clean them up before they were able to get absorbed in the lower layers of the carpeting. Now your spring cleaning is officially complete, as the carpeting in your home looks and smells like new again.

Healthy lifestyle: Keeping Your Home Clean Include Why To Get A Professional carpet cleaning

There are many benefits you can reap from keeping your home clean. You will be able to get more done if your home is clean. You will also be able to keep dust and dirt out of your home if you clean it. Additionally, you will probably sleep better if your home is clean.

If you are short on time, then it can be harder for you to keep your home clean. Fortunately, there are many simple things you can do to clean your home. 4 Seasons Carpet Care agrees below is a list of good home cleaning tips:

Do Your Dishes After Every Meal

Many people have a tendency to let dishes pile up in their sink. However, keeping your home clean will be easier if you get into the habit of washing your dishes after every meal. It will only take a few minutes. You should also clean the sink out after you wash the dishes.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Clutter makes keeping your home clean a lot more challenging. Getting rid of clutter not only helps you get organized, but it also helps free up space in your home. Shred or throw out old magazines, newspapers and mail that you do not want. You may also want to donate or get rid of items in your home that you have not used in a long time.

If there is a lot of clutter in your home, then it may take a while to get rid of everything that you do not need. You may want to de-clutter your home one room at a time. Spend a few minutes getting rid of unwanted items every day.

Sweep And Vacuum The Floors Every Day

One of the best things you can do in order to keep your floor clean is to sweep or vacuum it every day. You may also want to mop your floor at least once a week. Mopping your floor not only keeps it clean, but it can also make your home smell good.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

You should have a professional come in and clean your carpet at least once a year. Even if you vacuum regularly, there may still be allergens in your carpet. A thorough cleaning can remove those allergens. A good carpet cleaning also helps improve indoor air quality. You may also be able to keep your carpet longer if you have it cleaned. Additionally, your carpet will look a lot better after a good cleaning.

5 Strategies to Ensure your Oriental Rugs Last Longer

5 Strategies to Ensure your Oriental Rugs Last Longer according to a Carpet Cleaner in Portland

Strategy One: Limit the Soil inside a Home to Protect an Oriental Rug

To help your home’s beautiful Oriental rugs last longer, make sure to limit the amount of soil that enters and remains in the building. You can accomplish this by placing doormats near entranceways to wipe off shoes and vacuum floors on a weekly basis. It is a good idea to have your wall-to-wall carpets shampooed several times a year to keep a home free of debris.

Strategy Two: Turn an Oriental rug regularly

Most Oriental rugs are smaller items that are used as accent pieces in a living room. To help the item last longer, you should turn it around in different directions frequently to avoid wear and tear on the fibers. While you can’t turn the Oriental rug over because it will expose the underside where the delicate knots are located, you can turn it in a clockwise fashion to ensure the fibers wear at the same rate to have a normal appearance.

Strategy Three: Remove Stains from an Oriental rug a Quickly as Possible

If something stains your home’s Oriental rug, then analyze the stain quickly to begin the correct cleaning process. For liquid stains, place an absorbent cloth on top to soak up the pet urine or beverage. When it is a harder stain such as spilled food or pet waste, use a paper towel to pick up the larger debris before using a vacuum cleaner to lift the dirt. Do not rub at liquid or hard debris because it pushes the contamination deeper into the fibers.

Strategy Four: Take the Oriental Rugs Outside to shake out the Dirt

Use an old-fashioned method to remove debris from rugs by taking the item outside to shake out the dirt, but do not do this when it is snowing or raining because the fibers will get wet. Also, only use gentle shaking motions to remove debris to avoid damaging the stitches or underlying materials.

Strategy Five: Contact a Professional to Have the Oriental rug Sanitized

Make sure to have a home’s Oriental rug cleaned by an expert who understands how to care for brightly colored dyes and delicate threads. An expert technician will not saturate an Oriental rug with moisture because it will lead to shrinkage. In many cases, the technician will recommend taking the rug to its facility for specialized cleaning.

Here Are 4 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner

There are many benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner. However, we will discuss four of them. Below are four benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

  1. Saves you time- When you hire a professional carpet cleaner, then it will save you time. You will not have to spend all day long cleaning your carpets, as professionals have everything they need to clean your carpets efficiently and quickly. If you do not have a lot of time on your hands, then consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.
  1. Have your carpets properly cleaned– You may think you know how to clean your carpets, but you might not actually know how to properly clean them. When you properly clean your carpets, then you can rest assure that you will get rid of all of the dirt, dust and other types of residue that has built up in the fibers of your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning company has the equipment and experience needed to properly clean your carpets.


  1. Use chemicals that are safe– A professional cleaning company will use chemicals that are safe. This means they will use chemicals that won’t damage your carpets. All too often, people don’t know what chemicals to use to get their carpets cleaned.

  1. They can make recommendations– Another benefit of hiring a carpet cleaner is they can make a recommendation. If they believe you can benefit from other services they offer, then they will be able to recommend those services to you. Also, a professional cleaner might be able to provide you with some useful tips on keeping your carpets clean.

There are many more benefits of hiring a carpet cleaner. The benefits discussed above are just a few of the many. If you want your carpets cleaned professionally, then hire a professional carpet cleaner today.