How often should I clean my carpets and floors?


How Often to Clean Carpet and Floors

How often Should I clean my carpet?


It is important to clean the carpet every 12-18 months for areas that are used the most. Carpets, in general, should be cleaned at least once a year. It is recommended to deep clean and steam clean frequently. How it can be cleaned is by using baking soda or dishwashing liquid. This can be used with a rag, sponge, or towel. Of course, there is the option of buying a carpet cleaner from a retailer or renting a carpet cleaner, but these are some tips for a DIY deep carpet clean.


It should be washed with warm water and cleaning supplies such as dishwashing liquid or baking soda. As mentioned before, a sponge, rag, or towel is the most effective tool to use while deep cleaning the carpet. It’s important to make sure to vacuum first to get rid of the dirt and dust. Once that is done, apply only a tablespoon per stain. Mix it around with your desired tool until it looks like foam. Scrub it with warm water. Let it dry and turn on a fan, then vacuum once more.


How Often Should I Clean my Floors?


Floors should have a nice clean at least one to two weeks. They can also be steamed. Kitchen floors should be washed more frequently due to food bacteria. Floors that are used the most such as kitchen floors or bathroom floors such be mopped once a week. Dry moping the floors in between cleaning days helps keeps the floors sanitized. Another reason to clean the floors more often is if an individual has pets.


The best method to clean would be to first sweep or vacuum the floor to pick up all the dirt and dust. Wipe up any muddy areas on the floor. Then, fill a bucket with warm water and sanitizing formula such as Lysol. Start at the corner of the room and work backwards until the exit has been reached. Make sure to wring out the mop and use forward and backward strokes. Anytime a scuff mark has been noticed, just wipe it down with a nylon pad. Wring out the mop every few times to keep the mop and floors clean. Mop one more time with clear warm water to rid of the cleaning solution and to rinse it off.


Conclusion of How Often to Clean Carpet and Floors


If these guidelines and tips are followed, the carpet and floors in the house will always be clean and sanitized. Including the proper way to clean it in a DIY method, this article will help others to have the best tips of cleaning their floors and carpet as well as how often to do so.

If theses DIY methods are not for you, you may want to hire a professional service. This can save you lots of time and it may be less expensive than you think! Visit  for more information.