Bartenders Share the Most Annoying Trends in Bartending

Listen, take any industry and you’re going to find annoying things happening all the time; new fads and trends that get on the nerves of the people most steeped in that profession. As a service industry, some of bartending’s most annoying trends are right on display for the public, meaning, you might be observing them too. So we asked America’s best bartenders what annoyed them the most right now, from people being over educated about spirits, to arcane ingredients to social media whoring. Feel free to compare notes with these barkeeps.

Bartenders, In order of Appearance
C.J. Nielsen, Karen Grill, Michael Neff, Erick Castro, Dustin Drankiewicz, Sean Kenyon, Nectaly Mendoza, Mariena Mercer, Lynnette Marrero, Sly Augustin, Yael Vengroff, Killian Oliver, Sam Parrie, John Reusing, Spencer Elliott, Chris Hannah, Houston Eaves, Eric Bugosh, John Lermayer and Eric Bennett

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Coordinating Producer: Alyson Sheppard
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Executive Producer: Brian Berkowitz

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