Foodservice Careers- A Solid Choice

The DVD explores the foodservice industry as an ever changing and evolving community which offers job security and benefits that will appeal to a wide audience. Many employees gain valuable experience and develop long-lasting relationships working within the industry. The DVD was created to bring awareness to our industry and provide insight into what this industry offers. It also provides information about the industry as a whole, its potential for employee advancement, the average wage available to the potential technician and the typical benefits being offered by most service companies today while stressing the strong demand for technicians at all levels of service. All of these points are an integral part of our overall strategy to attract the best potential personnel to the commercial service industry. Its important to point out how CFESA strives to provide the very best technical training in the industry to include the areas of Electrical, Gas, Steam, and Refrigeration. These classes are held annually and are open to the entire foodservice industry.