Hotel English | English for the Customer Service Industry | Business English

In this video, learn important words and expressions for the hotel industry. Improve your listening comprehension skills and vocabulary answer the questions below to check your understanding.

Listening Comprehension Questions

1. What is the video about?

2. Who is Pappy?

3. What are the three things that the narrator talks about?

4. How did Pappy explain the pizza?

5. What is important as soon as you arrive?

6. What is important about the menu?

Customer Service 1
What is good restaurant Service?

So what is good customer service?

I asked many customers what they thought good customer service was.

Of course, everyone has their own opinion.

Most people agree that being greeted by a friendly waiter is very important soon after you arrive.

Pappy: Welcome to Angelo’s! Good evening, I’m Pappy!

Narrator: Also very important is menu knowledge.
Not just knowing what is on the menu, but also being able to describe them.

Pappy: Our pizza is handmade by our chef.

Narrator: It’s very important to keep checking in on your customers.

Pappy: Is everything okay? Can I get you anything else?

Narrator: See you again soon with some more tips on excellent customer service.