Managed Security Services: Concern Over data theft to Boost the Security Industry

Systematic approach towards managing an enterprise’s security requirements is referred to as Managed Security Services or MSS. These services are outsourced to a third-party service provider that oversees the information and IT system security of other organizations. With attack surface incessantly up-and-coming, the job of securing critical data has become highly complex, security solutions need to extend to social media ecosystem, cloud solutions and mobile platform. Increasing insider threats from malicious or inadvertent actors have got industry leaders thinking on ways to transfer protected data. Besides this, malicious attachments have also made a speedy comeback. In such scenario, outsourcing the security monitoring job is becoming popular, maturing, yet relatively failure-prone medium to information security. This lucrative solution provides security practitioners a framework to sculpt the service provider relationship and burgeon joint security procedures and architect for sustainability.

Cyber threats are growing more confrontational. Information technology budgets are taut. Competence are at a pinnacle. And business essentials such as mobility services, web applications, and big data can result in risks or inefficiencies if not managed properly. Thus Managed Security Services enable organizations curb these challenges and bridge the gap – through integrated critical security services, clean email, unrivalled threat intelligence and more to serve the demands of any business.

Recently Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Managed Security Services Market – Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 – 2020.” The report provides an insight into how managed security services would dominate the security market due to rising cyber threats and cloud computing during the forecast period (2014-2020). The proprietary research techniques used by the research analysts indicate that Endpoint security applications would register a CAGR of 24.5% during the forecast period 2014 -2020. Sectors including Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector would continue to maintain its leading position through 2020, discloses the report. Study further reveals that cloud –based deployment model would soon overpower on-premise deployment services. Finally, research analysts are positive that, when it comes to growth. Asia –Pacific would preserve its status as one of the most lucrative market.