Mega Trends in the Professional Services Industry Professional services firms are focusing on four key mega trends to drive their business: globalization, talented resources, business evolution, and technology innovation. There’s no question that now is the time for professional services firms to invest in their organization so they can run like never before.

PATRICE CAPPELLO: “One of the driving strengths behind SAP’s success has been its focus on industry. We have dedicated teams of individuals that focus on a particular industry, every single day. Carlton and I focus on the Professional Services industry. We have over 12,000 professional services firms that run SAP solutions, and we’ve been focusing on this industry for 20 years.”

CARLTON LANGLEY: “Right. And what’s quite interesting today is the focus on transformation. Just about every firm that we’re talking to nowadays is really focused on, you know, transforming their business. And that might sound like a cliché, but at the end of the day there’s a deep sense of urgency on staying competitive, right? So if they are not focusing on those high-impact strategies that’s gonna make them successful, they’re gonna get left behind.”

PATRICE CAPPELLO: “And when you mention the forces that are at play — that are impacting the organizations — you can really categorize them into 4 different, what we call, megatrends. So the first trend of note is what we’re calling talented resources. So in order to become the employer or choice, I need to deploy strategies inside my own organization, so that I can bring that talent on board. And then, more importantly, once I’ve invested in bringing them up to speed, um, reducing attrition and keeping those employees that we’ve invested in.”

CARLTON LANGLEY: “Yeah. Another force that we’re really seeing out there is around globalization, right? Just about every company nowadays – at least in the professional services industry – is really a global player, right? Because if their customers are global companies, they have no choice but to become global themselves.”

PATRICE CAPPELLO: “A third very prevalent trend in the industry is business evolution. So that can mean a lot of different things to different companies. But really, the focus is on evolving your business, as a professional services firm, so that you are simplifying your organization and you’re more agile.

CARLTON LANGLEY: “That’s a great point. And really last, but not least, we have to look at technology. The way that technology is looked upon by professional services firms nowadays is one of the ways that they get to differentiate in their service delivery, because at the end of the day, service delivery is what they do.”

PATRICE CAPPELLO: “There’s no question that now is the time if you’re in the professional services industry to invest in your organization; to stay, at minimum, competitive as you are today or to actually get ahead of the competition and be ready for tomorrow.”