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Top Quality HAND-POLISH finishing services at PlatMx, Superior high-end Jewelry manufacturer for over 60 years in the Precious Metal Industry.
PlatMx is a leader in Polishing and buffing which are signature-finishing processes for smoothing a jewelry piece’s surface using an abrasive and a work wheel or a leather strop.
At PlatMx we have an entire Polishing and buffing department with high-tech machinery to pre-polish and buff the jewelry items, which we make. After this process is performed, each piece is then hand-polished.
Polishing is often used at PlatMx to give the piece the last touch in order to enhance the looks of the item, prevent contamination of instruments, remove oxidation and create a reflective surface.
The PlatMx Polishing department has all kinds of work wheels in many different sizes, which allows us to give a high-end finish to all kinds of items, from large sculptures, trophies, figurines and royal crowns to the smallest jewelry pieces.
Finishing Department
PlatMx is well equipped for high-end, mass finishing in Precious Metal items such as jewelry and other kinds of products made of silver, gold, platinum, palladium and other precious metals.
There is an entire section at PlatMx finishing department dedicated to the pre-finishing, vibrating and pre-polishing process, where there are several pieces of state of the art machinery, tools and equipment.
Next to the Pre-finishing department lays PlatMx signature hand-polishing section, equipped with polishing machines of all sizes; with different components and widgets that serve as polishing and shining tools in order to achieve superior polished and finished surfaces on precious metal items.
PlatMx polishers are skilled jewelers specializing in polishing, shining, buffing and finishing high-end, precious metal jewelry. These valuable people have become master-polishers who know and understand Fine Jewelry Manufacturing Finishing techniques.
This valuable workforce serves, as polishers, as well as the first Quality Control Step taken by PlatMx in order to ensure the Superior Quality Finish that characterizes PlatMx over other Jewelry manufacturers.