ShawMan POS (Point-Of-Sale) Gold for the Food Service Industry

ShawMan Software Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India launched an upgraded, better, faster and powerful POS application- POS Gold, for the Food & Beverage industry last month

POS Gold is a comprehensive solution for Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Fine Dining, Table d’ Hote, Take-away, Food Counter, Cafeteria, Home Delivery etc.

POS Gold is very easy to configure with user friendly set up wizard. This reduces the installation time. It also makes it very easy to train users on. Beautiful fonts, smooth displays coupled with Multilingual support make it a sheer pleasure to work with. Data can be sliced and diced on any number of attributes. Reports can be generated and delivered directly to mobile devices. Powerful analysis and quick reporting is available exactly as needed by the users.
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