Technology Innovation in the Professional Services Industry One of the top areas professional services firms are focusing on is technology innovation. SAP is delivering the next generation of products that will allow you to run like never before.

PATRICE CAPPELLO: “Professional services firms are looking at ways to be more innovative.”

CARLTON LANGLEY: “For a professional services firm, being in the cloud now helps them to focus on their core competencies, which is service delivery. The cloud improves service delivery excellence for professional services organizations because it allows them to focus on their core competency. Professional services firms are moving certain applications to the cloud. The most common ones are your time and expense applications, CRM, recruiting and onboarding, and also your collaboration applications.”

LANCE J. RICHARDS: “The cloud has allowed us to make so many changes and so many improvements in different parts of our business. We’re seeing HCM systems like a SuccessFactors that are truly changing not just what we’re doing, but how we’re doing it. And in the world of HR, it’s making it much more efficient, much more robust.”

CARLTON LANGLEY: “And social media applications have really changed the way professional services organizations do business. If you post something on Facebook or on LinkedIn or on Twitter, within seconds or minutes, you’re getting feedback. So that leads to a higher level of intimacy with the data that they are consuming on a daily basis. They are also expecting this in their workplace.”

ANGELA ALINI: “Big data is a term that gets used a lot in the industry. And what it essentially means is a data set that’s so complex and so vast, that it’s difficult to process using traditional database tools or data processing applications. So how big is big data? Well let’s think about it. There are over 60 billion intelligent devices in the world today. That’s more intelligent devices, more smartphones, than there are toothbrushes. Another way to think about it is that on Facebook alone, in a single month, 30 billion individual pieces of data are uploaded. And 90% of the data that’s available today was generated in the past 2 years.”

PATRICE CAPPELLO: “Typical professional services firms have a geographically dispersed workforce. Professional services firms that have deployed a ‘mobile first’ strategy are seeing positive results in a number of areas across their organization — not the least of which is a lower DSO — as I can get information in about work being executed on my projects, therefore into a bill faster, and out to the customer faster. As well as around utilization — seeing a positive increase in utilization by having real-time access to report what I need to report, based on my day’s activities. SAP is delivering its next generation of products as device agnostic, so that the field is empowered to continually interact and have the right information to manage the business — regardless of where they are in the world.”