What was your worst experience with someone in the Service Industry? What would you have done in the Providers situation?

Prepare yourself for a rant that most will agree on. If you’re in the service industry then do everyone a favor and offer service, whether its your own or your neighboring competition your customer is your priority. This video provides an understanding where the provider, even though doing his job, could have changed the outcome of the situation by offering a subtle service outside of his own company. This would allow him to be helpful and also to have a returning customer that may tell others about the great service he had. This applies to the entire service industry because no matter what, your customer is your priority, happy customers mean better sales, better sales and you have a better chance at promotion! Stay tuned in ladies and gentlemen more videos to come…

Tyler Pencek first began making money at the age of 3 selling Dgolf balls in his family’s backyard. He bought his first house at the age of eighteen. He received a degree in business from Northern Arizona University and earned an MBA by age twenty-one. But then he left the business world to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot in the United States Marine Corps. Now he is committed to making people aware of the real-life lessons that are not taught in school.

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