What working in the service sector/industry is like….

Besides being just low paying and generally speaking a really shitty type of job to have — the service industry comes with all kinds of nasty hard things you gotta deal with.

I’ve got probably about 2.5 years of college left til I get my nursing degree….I can’t wait to get the fuck out and finish and be done with restaurants and store work.



In the past these jobs were relegated for high schoolers and the like — but with the advent of the George W. Bush downtown and deep recession of 2007 to the present — these jobs, because they are so terrible — are just about the only form of employment around for many.

Currently a little over 3/4 of all jobs in the state of Mississippi, our nation’s poorest state — are in the service sector. The numbers are similar in surrounding states such as Louisiana, Arkansas, etc.

The South just has no underlying economy outside of this sector. If there are no other types of jobs where you live then of course do what you have to do in order to survive. But if there are other types of employment…..DON’T go into the service industry, its terrible.