Choosing a professional carpet cleaner should seem like a fairly straight forward task. Grab a phone book and choose a company. That is possibly the worst thing to do. Check out a a carpet cleaning website such as instead!

Below are 10 things to look for when selecting a professional carpet cleaner.
1. Type of Cleaning Desired
The first thing to consider is the type of cleaning desired for your home. Some professional cleaners use a wet cleaning method or a steam cleaning method which have pretty high drying times. Other cleaning companies offer a dry cleaning method, allowing you to walk on the carpet immediately following the cleaning.

2. Chemicals Used
If the company uses chemicals ask, is it safe for pets or kids? How long after cleaning until we’re allowed to return to the home? Will we have to vacate the whole house during cleaning?

3. Reviews and Reputation
Look the company up online and read the reviews. Ask around to friends and family for recommendations. Keep a company’s reputation in mind.

4. Get an Estimate
Ask for an estimate from the company. Make sure they as much information as possible so you get the most accurate estimate they can give.

5. Pricing
Compare pricing with other companies. The cheapest isn’t always the best way to go. Remember, you get what you pay for.

6. Extra Services
Some companies will include package deals. When asking for an estimate ask if there are any other services that are included.

7. Furniture
Will the company move your furniture for you? If the answer is yes, I still recommend moving your fragile and expensive things on your own.

8. Training and Certificates
Ask a company about any training or certifications they’ve received. It’s a good idea to be sure the company you choose has qualified professionals who will do the best job possible.

9. Employees
Ask the company if they use any kind of a screening process for hiring their employees. These are after all, total strangers you are welcoming into your home.

10. Guarantees
Ask if the company has a guarantee policy. Will they stand by their service? How long will they stand by their service? Get the guarantee in writing, preferably in a contract that includes an estimate, services being supplied, and a promise that if anything is broken or stolen because of them, they will pay for it.