5 Strategies to Ensure your Oriental Rugs Last Longer according to a Carpet Cleaner in Portland

Strategy One: Limit the Soil inside a Home to Protect an Oriental Rug

To help your home’s beautiful Oriental rugs last longer, make sure to limit the amount of soil that enters and remains in the building. You can accomplish this by placing doormats near entranceways to wipe off shoes and vacuum floors on a weekly basis. It is a good idea to have your wall-to-wall carpets shampooed several times a year to keep a home free of debris.

Strategy Two: Turn an Oriental rug regularly

Most Oriental rugs are smaller items that are used as accent pieces in a living room. To help the item last longer, you should turn it around in different directions frequently to avoid wear and tear on the fibers. While you can’t turn the Oriental rug over because it will expose the underside where the delicate knots are located, you can turn it in a clockwise fashion to ensure the fibers wear at the same rate to have a normal appearance.

Strategy Three: Remove Stains from an Oriental rug a Quickly as Possible

If something stains your home’s Oriental rug, then analyze the stain quickly to begin the correct cleaning process. For liquid stains, place an absorbent cloth on top to soak up the pet urine or beverage. When it is a harder stain such as spilled food or pet waste, use a paper towel to pick up the larger debris before using a vacuum cleaner to lift the dirt. Do not rub at liquid or hard debris because it pushes the contamination deeper into the fibers.

Strategy Four: Take the Oriental Rugs Outside to shake out the Dirt

Use an old-fashioned method to remove debris from rugs by taking the item outside to shake out the dirt, but do not do this when it is snowing or raining because the fibers will get wet. Also, only use gentle shaking motions to remove debris to avoid damaging the stitches or underlying materials.

Strategy Five: Contact a Professional to Have the Oriental rug Sanitized

Make sure to have a home’s Oriental rug cleaned by an expert who understands how to care for brightly colored dyes and delicate threads. An expert technician will not saturate an Oriental rug with moisture because it will lead to shrinkage. In many cases, the technician will recommend taking the rug to its facility for specialized cleaning.