Do you every get overwhelmed with a mess? You need to clean, but you do not even know where to start? It can be so frustrating when you want to eliminate the stress of the mess, but there is mountain of laundry, loads of dirty dishes, and other taunting, tidying tasks. Put down the stress ball, this can indeed be handled with just five steps.

Step One:
Get some help. Not like call a cleaning service help, but practical help. The task of cleaning everything on your own, especially if one is behind on cleaning, can create a crushing feeling. Call a mother, brother, sister, or lover. Call a friend! This helps make the cleaning process a lot more fun and less stressful. You may have to offer to help them clean their home, but it gives you an extra hand and another set of eyes.

Step Two:
Ditch the dreck. This is one of the best tips to give anyone that wants to keep a clean home. Get rid of all the extra stuff you do not use! Though it may be difficult at first, it is so worth it. It will create more storage space and lessen the amount of things that need to be cleaned. Take out that puzzle you have not touched in years and give it to some one who can use it. Pull out the extra emergency pajamas you have not worn, but keep just in case. If you have not worn an article of clothing for a year, you’re most not likely going to next year. Donate them, sell them, or trade for something you will wear.

Step Three:
Clean like you’re mean. Get aggressive with your tidying and cleaning habits. Do not let yourself give up! Tackle as much cleaning as possible to create a more positive environment for yourself. Do not let yourself get lazy and neglect the chores you need to keep up with. This leads me to the next step!

Step Four:
One Day of Organizing. Choose one day a week any day. Make that your designated cleaning day. It can be a weekly checkup to make sure things are clean and to finish any tasks that have been neglected throughout the week. This day can also be the designated laundry day. While waiting for clothes to wash and to dry, the time can be used to complete other cleaning tasks.   Carpet Cleaning Meridian ID site will give you lots more info on carpets getting cleaned and why it’s important.

Step Five:
Get in a daily dose or clutter cutting. Throughout the day, do not let yourself hold on to clutter! Do not stack up papers that you will never look at again. Keep what is important and get rid of the rest! This will help lessen the severity of the other steps and keep your home clean.